Help DIG It! create a Travel Volleyball Team

DIG it! Volleyball plans to create an elite travel volleyball club for its members. 

By 2021, DIG it! hopes to create a feeder club volleyball program for its U14 participants, where they will have the opportunity to compete at tournaments throughout the Midwest. 

The goal of the feeder program is to give players from low-income backgrounds access to travel volleyball clubs. 

Over the last 5 years, DIG it! has impacted over 150 young girls at 11 different St. Louis Public Schools.

In 2018, DIG it! revamped its model, focusing primary on 4th-8th grade girls.

We have found that we can make the greatest impact on and off the court by focusing on participants who are between 8-12 years old. 

Most club volleyball programs in the St. Louis area and nationwide charge anywhere between $850-$3,000/year to join. 

Volleyball is an incredibly expensive sport, and unfortunately, without the financial ability to join club organizations, thousands of talented young women are missing out on all the benefits of club volleyball. 

DIG it! will rely on donors, sponsors, and grants to provide volleyball training 2-3x/week, free access to a gym, and travel and lodging at tournaments.

Goal: $100,000

DIG it! members of the club will only be asked to pay $150 that will go towards a uniform and volleyball, and will cover their year-long membership.  

Volleyball is one of the most popular female sports in the world, and unfortunately, without playing club ball, there are few opportunities to get recruited and continue your career at the next level (in college or professionally).

Inspired by the positive impact coaches left on their communities, Executive Director, Caitlyn Vann, hopes a DIG it! Volleyball club team will give talented athletes of all economic backgrounds an opportunity to have the same experiences she had as an athlete. 

Developing a feeder club volleyball will give the DIG it! participants who display a passion for the sport and the athletic talent to succeed at the next level an opportunity to train year-round. 




2018 DIG it! Volleyball Participant:  Granneman BGCSTL DIG it! Volleyball player smiles before serving a volleyball at her Friday night league match. 

There are so few low-income families and minorities in the sport. Our dream is to create an elite travel volleyball program that serves low-income athletes, finishes in the top 10 in the country, and who’s athletes are receiving scholarships to play in college.
— Caitlyn Vann, Executive Director