@Digit_VB Visits Mizzou

On Sunday, November 11th, DIG it! Volleyball took the 2018-2019 DIG it! players and volunteers on a FREE field trip to the University of Missouri. Attendees enjoyed Shakespeare’s Pizzeria, toured the volleyball facilities, watched the #24 Mizzou Tigers beat the Georgia Bulldogs, and even met with some of the players on the team!

Thank you so much for putting together this awesome field trip. Our girls talked about their experience and how they wanted to play volleyball in college the whole way home. The field trip helped our girls get inspired to do more in life and the road trip brought the girls closer together. This is an amazing program and we can’t wait to start playing in the league!
— Carver Elementary DIG it! Director

Check out photos and videos from our trip!

Caitlyn Vann