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DIG it! Volleyball


DIG It! Volleyball Inc. is a 501(c)3 female empowerment organization. Our slogan "Developing the Inner Girl" reflects the mission of our organization which is to use the sport of volleyball and character development training to educate and inspire at-risk girls to lead healthy, confident lives.

DIG It! Volleyball Inc. is 501(c)3 organization based out of St. Louis, Missouri that helps low income girls learn the sport of volleyball and gain confidence and leadership skills that will help them for the rest of their lives.

(DIG it! Volleyball Video created by Emily Hood). 

Volleyball Training


DIG it! Volleyball's biggest impact is made in practices which take place during our 10 week the spring volleyball season. From February through April DIG it! participants take part in volleyball practices & matches 2x/week.

At each practice, players learn the basic fundamentals of volleyball which include serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking, and defense. Additionally, each team competes in volleyball matches on Friday night's through the Stratman Sports Developmental Volleyball League. These matches are a great way to help teach our players the importance of teamwork and hard work, and serve as an opportunity for the team's to showcase their skills through competitive play. 

DIG it! volleyball helped improve my passing and attacking and gave me the confidence to tryout for my school team.
— 2016 DIG it! Participant

Healthy Living


DIG it! Volleyball is focused on encouraging a healthy lifestyle for our participants. At the beginning of the season each player is taken through a fitness test where we measure their physical fitness level by conducting running, push-up, and sit-up testing.

Over the course of the season coaches and volunteers continue to emphasize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through wellness sessions. At each practice, DIG it! coaches lead participants through physical fitness activities. At the conclusion of the volleyball season, participants are again tested on their physical fitness level at to see which areas they improved, and which areas they should continue to focus on. 

Character Development

I am a better person because of DIG it!
— 2016 DIG it! Participant


School Based Model


Character development is a huge part of the DIG it! Volleyball Program.

Prior to the start of every practice, volunteers and coaches lead 15-20min character development group discussions where participants are taught the importance of confidence, effort, anti-bullying, goal setting, body image, communication, teamwork, respect, & managing emotions.


DIG it! Volleyball relies on a school-based model in order to have the greatest impact on the athletes we work with. Using a school based model helps build a sense of community and culture within the DIG it! Program, as teachers and volunteers will act as coaches and instructors, practices are held at the player's school and club locations, and parents and fans are able to travel on the DIG it! buses to the nearby matches. This model allows for any girl in the school community to be able to join and have easy access to the classroom and gymnasium.

Although other programs have been successful, they often rely on their players to fundraise a significant amount of their dues in order to participate and they hold practices at outside locations. DIG it!, however, travels to each school or club to service the players who need the program most, but do not have access to the resources and transportation needed to participate.