Help DIG it! expand to a new city! 

By 2020, DIG it! Hopes to Expand its Model Nationwide


DIG it! Volleyball launched its program 5 years ago with an ambitious, yet straight forward mission: to use the sport of volleyball and character development training to educate and inspire at-risk girls to lead healthy, confident lives. 

By 2020, DIG it! Volleyball hopes to expand its model nationwide.

My goal is to bring the DIG it! Volleyball program to Chicago, IL, where over the last few years they have experienced significant budget cuts---laying off more than 350 teachers and another 600 support personnel. 

Since its founding in 2013, DIG it! has tripled its enrollment and has impacted over 150 young girls at 11 different St. Louis Public Schools. 

With new funding, DIG it! plans to expand its program to other Public schools in the United States. 

New funding would allow DIG it! to bring its model to a new city in the U.S. where there is pressing need for after school programs.

Goal: $100,000

 The connections, skills, habits, and knowledge kids develop in extracurricular activities help them gain self-esteem and resilience, and reduce the likelihood that they’ll engage in risky behavior.

With your help--- DIG it! Volleyball can make an impact on young girls across the country. 

We have contacts in the volleyball community as well the public school systems in both Chicago, IL and Atlanta, GA and believe launching the DIG it! Program in these locations could make a huge impact.

2017 DIG it! Volleyball Players
DIG it! Volleyball players smiling after their Friday night League match in St. Louis, MO.