Success Stories

Educating & Inspiring Young Women to Lead Healthy, Confident Lives.

DIG It! Volleyball Inc. is a nonprofit organization centered in St. Louis, Missouri that helps low income girls learn the sport of volleyball and gain confidence and leadership skills that will help them throughout the rest of their lives.
As a classroom teacher and DIG it! volunteer I have seen firsthand how beneficial the program has been for our students. It has helped my students build social skills, especially the ability to empathize and cooperate, it has grown their levels of self-confidence which has translated into the classroom and academic performance, and has also increased their self discipline.
— Teacher & DIG it! Coach

2016 DIG it! Volleyball participants shaking hands after a Friday night League Match. 

2016 DIG it! Volleyball participants shaking hands after a Friday night League Match. 

DIG it! helped me cope with being different.
— 2016 DIG it! Participant
My goal is to use athletics as a way of increasing confidence so that our participants are comfortable interviewing for a job or speaking up and advocating for their rights and navigating through life in a positive way. 
— Caitlyn Vann, Executive Director
2016 DIG it! Marian Volleyball Team celebrating after a DIG it! Volleyball match. 

2016 DIG it! Marian Volleyball Team celebrating after a DIG it! Volleyball match. 


1. Kayla C.


Kayla C. is a member of the 2018 Adam's Park BGCSTL DIG it! Volleyball team.

Kayla's first Dig it! experience was last year with BGCSTL Adams Park Club. At first, she was a bit shy about playing a sport in general but DIG it! sparked her interest in the sport of volleyball and she went on to play on her middle school volleyball team. When asked what she enjoys most about the program, she said that practice is fun and she enjoys learning more about the sport and playing with her teammates. 

Kayla's coach has described her as one of the leaders of the program believes she has a lot of potential to be successful in the sport of volleyball. 

Kayla has a natural understanding of the sport of volleyball and her athleticism combined with her work ethic will take her very far. What I have been most impressed with, however, is her leadership, dedication, and infectious personality. Kayla is always smiling, helping her other teammates, and is a joy to be around at practices and matches. I could not be more proud of how much she has developed as a person and player.” - Head Coach, Caitlyn Vann


“The DIG it! program gave me the confidence to pursue the sport." 

— Kayla C., Adam's Park BGCSTL DIG it! Team


2. Paige C. 

I am learning that it takes a team effort to succeed.
— Paige C.

This is Paige C. is a member of the Grannemann Elementary BGCSTL DIG it! Volleyball Team. 

Paige is in her 2nd season with DIG it! and has said she enjoys the sport of volleyball. Paige has stood out on the Granneman BGCSTL DIG it! team for her positive attitude, effort, and passion for the sport. 

I plan to play volleyball in high school.
— Paige C.


3. Deborah H. 


Deborah Hodge is a returning Dig it! player at Patrick Henry.  Last year was her first year playing any sport at all and she loved it!

Deborah came to the program with confidence and a great attitude to learn.  Even as a younger player, she quickly became a leader for our team. 

One of Deborah’s favorite memories is their first game this year.

When we first played together we lost, but we all tried to get better. We talked to each other and stood together like a team.
— Deborah H.
I have become a better person because of DIG it!
— 2016 DIG it! Participant