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Due to budget cuts in 2012, public school districts across the country were forced to eliminate extracurricular sports and after school programs for America’s children. In light of this, girls in St. Louis, and nationwide, are facing serious emotional, physical, and developmental disadvantages.

DIG it! Volleyball was created as a way to combat these disadvantages. Our organization provides at-risk girls with an after-school program that uses the sport of volleyball to educate and inspire young girls to lead healthy, confident lives.

According to a Central Michigan University study, girls involved in sports are 92 percent less likely to get involved with drugs and are 3 times more likely to graduate. Research proves that the connections, skills, habits, and knowledge kids develop in extracurricular activities help them gain self-esteem and resilience, and reduces the likelihood they’ll engage in risky behavior. This is especially true for young girls.

For many children, the rising costs of sport teams and school clubs, combined with parents’ uncertain work schedules and precarious household budgets, have made extracurricular activities a luxury they can’t afford. —>


DIG it!, an acronym for “Developing the Inner Girl”, is a free after-school girls volleyball program.

Our mission is to use the sport of volleyball and character development training to educate and inspire at-risk girls to lead healthy, confident lives. 

DIG it! is comprised of current and former women’s volleyball coaches and players who teach, mentor, and provide support to our young participants. We are currently the only organization in the nation that provides free volleyball instruction and character development training for low-income girls in grades 4th-8th.

We were founded by High Performance Volleyball Club and work in partnership with public schools and the Boys & Girls Club to provide volleyball training for over 150 at-risk girls at 11 different St. Louis public schools. 


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 Caitlyn Vann

Executive Director of DIG it! Volleyball Inc.


"My participation in athletics provided me with endless opportunities that I am still benefiting from today. If this program helps even one young woman in a similar way then it is worth it."

Caitlyn Vann, a former Mizzou tiger, professional volleyball player, and Division I coach transitioned as director of the DIG it! Volleyball Program in 2016. Vann, who has been coaching and mentoring young girls for over 9 years, stepped in as director of DIG it! as a way to fulfill her goal of enriching the lives of young low-income females in the Saint Louis area.